Donnerstag, 29. November 2012

It is time to move on, our Blog reloaded

Hello everyone,

don't worry if you read "it is time to move on". Things are always changing and so are we at TRANSPOREON. The demand for content in English has grown over the last few months. Not only because of our company's growth and our colleagues all over the world that asked us to use a common language also for our not-so-business-related content on my Blog, on Twitter and especially on Facebook. It is also for all of you that are not personally connected to us yet but want to follow our success story and keep informed about us.

Of course I will continue writing about all the things here as I do since April 2011 for over 5.000 readers, but regarding our globalization I will change to English language from now.

Now let's move on to the next announcement. Our marketing department has been facing the same challenge. You already like our current Facebook page, don't you?. If not it's time for a break, follow the link below, like us and come back to go on reading about the future.

So, you like us now, right? Great! Maybe you noticed the content is in German and maybe a little too regional for your interests. We, especially Sabrina from our marketing department, put a lot of work into their last social media project and here's the result, a great and global Facebook page for the TRANSPOREON Group!

You know what to do now, take a break, follow the link below, like us if you want and come back.

We really appreciate your support! Be curious what comes up next and participate by sending us content for our pages, by giving feedback to our posts or just by writing something nice on our walls. Thanks!