Donnerstag, 18. Juli 2013

Recruiting Customer Care Employees for MERCAREON

MERCAREON is a SaaS company that forms part of the product portfolio of the TRANSPOREON Group offering a dedicated time slot management solution for retailers. The MERCAREON-platform drastically improves the inbound flow of vehicles into a warehouse offering transparency of the process to all parties involved. This in turn allows the retailer to improve vehicle turnaround times, greatly reducing vehicle waiting times and even increase capacity without incurring additional costs, consequently retailers know exactly when their goods are arriving from their supplier’s carriers. Although most warehouses operate a booking system they are often inflexible, don’t allow for dialogue and are one way communication. Generally there is no existing relationship between the retailer and the carrier. The MERCAREON latform, launched in 2010, is rapidly changing this, allowing carriers, suppliers or of course the retailer to book time slots for their deliveries into warehouses.

To handle our fast growth I started the recruitement for additional 'Customer Care Employees' today.

If you have a passionate about online business, e-logistics and sales, excellent communication and negotiation skills, both fluent in written and oral English and German, strong ability to handle objections our advertisment after the break is for you.

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